Trampolining sessions are run for both boys and girls and at present the recreational sessions  are split into age groups;

All abilities are warmly welcomed!

These sessions are 1 hour in duration and trampolinists have the opportunity to use one or all of the three full size trampolines.

Trampolining badges run from badge 1 to 10, consisting of basic jumps leading up to somersaults. Routines will also be learnt by the trampolinists.  

The Club is very grateful to a local navigation company who along with Sportsmatch have bought the new 3rd GM Trampoline and 5 Mats. Thank You! (2008)


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Torbay Olympic Gymnastics Club

Tel. 01803 317817

Sessions cost  £21.50  / month. Plus £19 BG Annual Membership/Insurance

Google Calendar full list of session dates