Saturday morning 9:00-10:00am

This 1 hour class is open to children aged 3-8 years old who have a

disability requiring a high level of support.

The children are  to be accompanied by an adult

(e.g. parent, carer) for the duration of the session.

The smaller sized class is tailored to suit the needs and interests  of the children. We use hand apparatus (bean bags, ribbons, balls, etc), musical instruments, trampolines and lots of gymnastics equipment.


We learn to balance, climb, swing, jump, recognise colours

and shapes, take turns and have lots of fun!

We also have a Sensory Corner where there are lights,

mirrors and tactile objects for the children to experience.

Please contact the office on 01803 317817 or


to book a place or to find out more information.

A massive Thank You to BMAD Bikers from all the children & parents who have benefited from the generous donation of £ 1250, so that we could buy the bubble tube and fibre optic curtain, pictured above.  

Click here for their website

The Club has a long history of integrating children with special needs into all of it's sessions. Many have been referred to us by medical professionals to help their mobility and co-ordination.

Our qualified coaches have previous and current knowledge regarding Autism, Aspergers, Cystic Fibrosis, Downs Syndrome, Epilepsy, Congenital Heart, Muscular Dystrophy, Dyspraxia, Multiple Sclerosis, ADHD, Hearing and Sight difficulties and many more uncommon syndromes. We assist all children to enjoy and achieve in gymnastics or trampolining.

In 2010, a young girl with only peripheral vision and a boy with Autism successfully competed in the Club Competition and came away winning medals.   

We have coaches qualified to work with children and adults with disabilities and three coaches are also Rebound Therapy Trained. We offer one-to-one sessions for adults with disabilities, please contact the office for available time slots.

We also have classes from Mayfield School and Coombe Pafford Business and Enterprise School come to use our facilities. The students from these special schools use the main gym area, that is all on the same ground-level, and the trampolines which have stairs and a platform for easy access. Some of these classes have been grant-aided by the Local Network Fund, for which we are very grateful.

Special Needs

Gymnastics and Movement for People with a Disability

Torbay Olympic Gymnastics Club

Tel. 01803 317817