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Trampoline Competition

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Gymnastic Competition

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The new Competition rules for 2015 meant that the girls competed in levels 6-1 rather than the novice, club, intermediate and open categories as they did before. Our Girls did well in the Level 5 competition as the standard of competetors was higher than we had anticipated.

Congratulation to everyone with a special mention to:

Elizabeth Cameron 6th Place (Under 9)

Imogen Feeney 7th Place (Under 11).

Well done to all the Trampolinists and Tumblers who have competed over the last few weekends.


3 Silvers to Rachael, Emily & Jessie

2 Bronzes to Logan & Finlay.


4 Gold Medals to Hannah (Level 1), Neo (Level 1), Lewis (Level 5) and Naomi (Level 7).

1 Bronze Maisie (Level 3)

ALSO, a Massive well done to Murray (Trampoline) and Naomi(Tumble) who both competed a double back for the first time!

Sunday 29th March

Easter Egg Hunt.

We also had many parents completing their Proficiency Badge 8!

Thank you to everyone that attended our AGM and Pirates on Saturday 2nd May.

Award Winners:


Natasha Dean: Cheerleader of the Year

Girls Squad

Emily Millman: Highest Girls' Total 55.5

Caitlin Gee: Highest Beam Score 10.7

Naomi Passmore: Highest Vault Score 13.2

Emily Millman: Highest A-Bars Score 11.7

Sarah Urban: Highest Floor Score 12.7

Evie Jenkins: Hard work & Progress

Vibodha Wijesinghe: Effort & Dedication In All Squads

Maisie Tolley: For Effort & Progress

Elizabeth Cameron: Junior Female Gymnast of the Year

Naomi Passmore: Senior Female Gymnast of the Year

Trampoline Squad

Finlay Scollick: Senior Trampolinist of the Year

Phoenix Coatham: Junior Trampolinist of the Year

Murray Crewes: For Effort & Dedication In All Squads

Tumble Squad

Naomi Passmore: Senior Tumbler of the Year

Vasilisa Potashkina: Junior Tumbler of the Year

Display Squad

Alice Reshad: For Effort & Enthusiasm

Elena Reshad: For Effort & Enthusiasm

Danielle Adams: Dedication & Leadership

Recreational Gymnastics

Daisy Hall: For Being A Good Role Model For Her Peers

Navid Jaffary: For Effort & Good Behaviour

Maisie Jenkins: For Hard Work & Eagerness To Learn New Skills

George Backholer: For Positive & Good Behaviour

Freya Buchannen: For Encouraging & Helping her Peers

Tyeson Balouza: For Positive Attitude & eagerness to learn

Sarah Neary: For Effort & Positive Attitude

Joshua Small: For Long Term Effort & Dedication

Recreational Trampoline

Chloe Jordan: For Positive Attitude & Dedication

Amie Jordan: For Positive Attitude & Dedication

Christine Wilding: For Dedication & Determination

Sophie Packer: For Eagerness to Learn

Evie Hallam: For Positive Attitude & Effort

Boys Squad

Lewis Dennis: Highest Score 71.85

Teddy Ives: For Effort & Progress

Lewis Dennis: Senior Male Gymnast of the Year

Lewis White: Junior Male Gymnast of the Year

Congraulations to all of our Trampolinists and Tumblers who competed at the National Semi-Finals in Peterborough.

Special well done to Lewis Dennis (3rd for tumbling level 5), Logan (6th in trampolining) both through to the Finals in July.

Congraulations Boys!

Well done to our boy who competed in the Devon


Lewis Dennis (Intermeadiate) GOLD

Teddy Ives (Novice) GOLD

Near Misses:

Connor Turner and Lewis White (Novice) 4th

Trampoline Club Competition Results


Girls                                                                                 Boys

4½ & 5 yrs

1st - Charlotte Arroyo                                                   1st - Lucas Weedon-Hare

2nd - Rosie Jones

6 & 7 yrs

1st - Taylor Stevens                                                     1st - Noah Merrick

2nd - Evie Sampson

3rd - Carla Robertson

8, 9 & 10 yrs

1st - Beth Adderley                                                       1st - Dexter Coatham

2nd - Yazmin Atiya-Alla                                                 2nd - Alfie Baker

3rd - Stella Craft                                                          3rd - Thomas Bryant

11+ yrs

1st - Tiegan Ford                                                          1st - Danilo De Jong

2nd - Rosie Simpson                                                     2nd - William Baxter

3rd - Abigail Smith

Junior Trampoline Squad

1st - Daisy Sheppard

2nd - Mia Nyka-Szewczyk

3rd - Jemima Gascoyne

Copy of the Score Sheet

Club Trampoline competition 2015.pdf

Well done to Lewis Dennis, Lewis White, Jack Jarvis and Lewis Balouza(not pictured) who all competed in the Men's South West Club Grades.

An extra well done to Lewis D and Lewis W for both coming 4th place in their categories and advancing to the National Finals! (Lewis D for the 6TH TIME).

Well done to all our girls that competed at the level 6 Team competition in Newton Abbot!

U13’s - Gold

O13’s - Bronze

U9’s & U11 (Cat 1) - 5th

U11 (Cat 2) - 6th


Torbay Tornadoes (Junior Level 1) Team came 2nd at the Exeter Cheer Festival On Saturday 17th October.

They did amazingly well performing their routine perfectly, and also having to compete against teams of 20+ cheerleaders (we had 5!) .

Well done to all the Tumblers that took part in the South West Tumble Championships.

Well done to Lewis Dennis and Lewis White

for competing in the Men’s National NDP

Finals in Birmingham!

Congratulations to all of the Trampolinists that competed in their competition at the weekend in Street, coming home with lots of medals of every colour medal, as Individuals, Synchro and Team.

Devon Tumble Championships

Gold Medals: Lewis Dennis, Naomi Passmore

Silver Medals: Connor Turner, Vasilisa Potashkina, Norah Robertson

Bronze Medals: Elizabeth Cameron, Maisie Tolley

Well done to everyone else that competed.

Congratulations to our Boys who competed in the Devon Wheatley Teams Competition in Exeter last weekend.

Our under 8's team came 4th (most of whom this was their first ever competition).

Our Over 12 team came 1st!

Individual Medals: Teddy 1st, Jack 2nd, Cameron 3rd

Congratulations to our Girls who completed their Grades at Newton Abbot Gymnastics Club.

100% pass rate with everyone getting Highly Commended or Distinction!