The Club is very sad to announce the death of our Club Secretary Mary Cunliffe.


Tributes have been paid to Torbay's ' Mother Teresa for young people' Mary Cunliffe, who died suddenly at the age of 81.

She worked there until she retired and had been active on countless committees ever since, including the Cultural Partnership, Paignton Youth Forum, Goodrington Action Group, Torbay Olympic Gymnastics Club, Cary Park Tennis Club and Torbay's Older People's Forum.

Liz Wimbleton, chairman of Torbay Olympic Gymnastics Club, where Mary had been secretary since 1999, says it was only a few weeks ago that, as their oldest member, Mary became the last person to take part in their 25-hour trampoline marathon.

Liz, who was employed by Mary as a sports leader at the Acorn Centre in 1984, said: "During all the years she relentlessly campaigned for what she believed in, trying to encourage and enable children to participate in sport."

The Club is very grateful to Steve & Nikki at

JKMax Navigation who along with Sportsmatch have bought the new 3rd GM Trampoline and 5 Mats. Thank You


10 November 2007

This bonny bouncer was among 850 ( actually 70 took part, the rest did a sponsor circuit during our fundraising week)   members of Torbay Olympic Gymnastics Club involved in a 25-hour trampolining fund-raiser.

The club recently moved into new premises at Barton Hill Way, Torquay, and is in desperate need of money to help spruce it up. Members enjoyed five days of sponsored events, including aerobics, judo and gymnastics displays, and the ambitious trampoline day.

Liz Wimbleton, chairman of the club, said: "It was a fitness and fund-raising week. On the Tuesday we had an aerobics session, which raised £250, and on the Friday we had the 25-hour bounce.

"There were three trampolines going at the same time, and all our 850 members took part. The bouncing went on all night. These kids have got amazing energy.

"Our youngest member is a baby, and our oldest is 82 years old. Everybody really enjoyed themselves.  "In all, we've raised nearly £2,000. The money will go towards the club's facilities. We're a community club that helps the community."

We are on the move, hopefully conversion of 2 units will take place in the next month and we can start to move equipment in August.

We will have 3 times the present area to train in, a full floor, vault run up and most equipment permanently out. We will also be able to offer 3 trampolines again always available.

If all goes to plan we will able to start sessions on 3rd September after the summer break.

School's Key steps Competition.

Coaches from the Club have helped many Torquay schools in their preparation for the Torbay Final at Paignton Community & Sports College on 3rd March 2007. There were cluster competiotions at each of the bays Secondary Schools, were Judges from the Club and Junior Leaders helped select the best team to go to the final. PESCL funds helped the schools with theKeysteps pack and the club to release coaches and judges to help with the competition.

Club Competition 26 th Nov 2006

New record 118 entries, with 33 Medallists, including 3 gymnasts going home with a Gold, Silver and Bronze and one with 2 Gold’s & a Bronze. Well done.

Thank you to all those parents who came and supported our annual club competition. For those parents whose children were not involved, we showed the clubs new DVD and information leaflet.     As a club, we have long out grown our gym here at Innerbrook Road and are desperate to move.    This search for new premises has been going on for the past few years with no joy. We decided that we must make an extra effort to push ourselves forward and let everyone know what we do and what we need, so we have a DVD and new brochures out to promote ourselves. If any of you have any ideas or know people that would be able to help us please come to any member of staff / coach who will be able to give you a copy.

Well done to Kirstyn Carpenter & Katy Cooper for passing 2 exams each for Mens' & Womens' Assistant Coach.

Vicki Cronin (95%), Laura Dalton, Becky Harding and Katy Cooper on passing Womens' Club Judge.

We did over a dozen displays throughout the summer.

These were worthwhile and very well received, we have many letters of thanks and phone calls from inspired new gymnasts, "The Star attraction at Cockington Fare".

A big thank you to all gymnasts for their efforts and an even bigger thank you to all the parents, who taxi and then helped move the equipment.

Jan 2006

Over 15 team Silver in Budd Competition 29/1/06.

6 Girls from the Display Squad came second behind Exeter by just 0.05, 162.45 to 162.50. Laura Dalton was the individual Gold Medallist.

Steve from JKMax Trampolining with 15 week old Freya, the youngest member at the time,  starting the 25 hour bounce.

Mary Cunliffe, 81 and granddaughter Sammy, 15 finish the bounce.

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