On Friday 11th June councillors, sport council and other agencies were invited to see all the completed works and to see Mary’s youngest son Lyndsey cut the ribbon to name the committee room “The Mary Cunliffe room”. Lyndsey said “His mother would be delighted and proud to see the club’s achievements providing such as a wonderful facility in the community”.

Amongst her many other roles in the community Mary Cunliffe was the secretary of TOGC when they moved to two units in the summer of 2007. Sadly Mary died in December 2007 before much of the work was complete.

Picture Left to Right

Lindsay, James, Alysia & Natalie Cunliffe, Councillors, Friends of the Club & Torbay Sports Council, Sammy Cunliffe.

The Mary Cunliffe Room

Torbay Olympic Gymnastics Club

Tel. 01803 317817

This room is now being used as the

Busy Lizzy’s Play Cafe.

Busy Lizzy's