The club was established in 1982 by a group of parents and a school teacher to provide a gym club for children interested in recreational and competitive gymnastics.

The club had no permanent base therefore classes were organised in a number of venues, Electric Hall, Croft Lodge, Torbay Leisure Centre and the YMCA all within one week. Then in 1987 we moved in to the Boys' Grammar sports hall, and in 1992 we established  daytime pre-school sessions in the small Alexandra Hall, Alexandra Lane, Ellacombe. We moved all sessions there at Christmas 1995,  as the Grammar School built their new sports hall and we were in negotiations for the old church and school kitchen, Innerbrook Road, a permanent home for the club.

This was purchased through a grant of £ 56,000 from the Foundation for Sports and Arts, loans of  £ 10,000 from Torbay Council and the bank and our own saved money. After renovations and conversions, (fitting changing rooms, toilets and digging 3 pits) we moved in in late August 1997 and started sessions with 220 gymnasts.

In the proceeding years we have added new sessions on more and more days, so that we can now offer our 700 members;

19 recreational, 8 pre-school, 6 parent & toddler, 3 adult and  6 Trampolining, with the competitive squads training Monday to Saturday, plus many Sundays at competitions or regional squads.

In addition to our regular sessions we have school groups, coaches at after school clubs, a large number and range of  special needs, who are coached by 12 qualified coaches ( 3 of which are full time) and nearly as many trainee coaches. The coaching staff is assisted by a committee of parents and grandparents helping with fund-raising and club events, such as the Annual Club Competition, BBQ's and Easter Egg Hunt.

We run regular badge days where the young gymnasts can take the various BAGA badges. Each summer we  give displays at various places around the Bay, from school fetes to the Rowcroft Summer Fair and the Devon Youth Games.

The Display squads perform at various Fetes and schools through the summer. They show various routines, both boys and girls and finish with a rapid tumble sequence on the Air Track.

The competition squads compete in the Devon League and Championships, South West Regional competitions and grades, and with some representing Devon in the South West Inter-counties. Boys also compete for the South West in the National Finals of both the Regional and Club levels of the National Development Plan, winning team and individual medals.

Gym Mark Accredited Sept 2004

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Torbay Olympic Gymnastics Club

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