The Gymnastics Badge days take place during the school holidays (except Christmas).

Trampoline and Cheerleading badges are tested within their session.

Gymnastics badges:

A month or so before the badge day, sheets will be posted on the board for you to sign up when the gymnast has been given a slip to say they are ready to be tested for their badge. Then come along at the appropriate time, paying at the session.

 There are 3 types of Badges:

1. Gymnastics Proficiency Badges:

BG Round coloured badges that start at level 8 and go down to gold

2. Cheerleading Badges (Star Awards):

BG badges starting at 1-6, then to bronze, silver and gold.

3. Trampolining Badges:

 BG badges starting at 1 and working up to 15.

These are assessed during sessions

Badge Days

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