Trampolining sessions are run for both boys and girls and at present the recreational sessions  are split into age groups;

All abilities are warmly welcomed!

These sessions are 1 hour in duration (45min for under 5) and trampolinists have the opportunity to use one or all of the three full size trampolines. During the session side activities are completed which allow trampolinists to learn various progressions, assisting them for their time spent on the trampoline.  

Trampolining badges run from badge 1 to 10, consisting of basic jumps leading up to somersaults. Routines will also be learnt by the trampolinists.  

Sessions are run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  

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Trampolining Squad training times are also available

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£52 for 12 weeks +  £18 BG Annual Membership/Insurance

Club Rules

The Club is very grateful to a local Navigation company who along with Sportsmatch have bought the new 3rd GM Trampoline and 5 Mats. Thank You! (2008)


Torbay Olympic Gymnastics Club

Tel. 01803 317817

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